Mission Statement and Vision

We are a group of educators of color and accomplices* leading the work to address equityRECN image issues affecting our students, families, and communities of color as well as other marginalized groups.

Our purpose is to create opportunities for partnerships with students, educators, families, and communities of color as well as marginalized groups, to advocate for our needs, to address issues important to people of color and marginalized groups, to empower people of color and marginalized groups and give a voice to who we are, to ensure equity, to be involved in schools, to recruit educators of color and marginalized leaders, to perform outreach services, to continue to build a network of equity teams across the nation, and to provide connections to our communities.

We are committed to hosting events for students, educators, families, and communities of color as well as marginalized groups in order to network, connecting communities with schools to form ongoing and reciprocal relationships, providing relevant educational speakers, forums, and workshops, conducting surveys, and convening focus groups, as well as recruiting students of color as educators, and of participating in political action. Though racial equity is our priority we advocate and work with all marginalized groups.

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We believe:

  • There are free, public school options that fit our students.
  • It is important for teachers to mirror what our students look like.
  • The diverse voices and perspectives of people of color and other marginalized groups need to be heard.
  • Success for our educators and students is built on relationships.
  • Building strong leaders of color and strong allies is critical.

Contact the council office at 206-246-9308 for information.

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